Plant Associated and Environmental Microbes Database


How to add isolates or substrates to PAMDB

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  • Start submitting and editing your substrates and isolates in PAMDB by clicking on "Add/Edit info"
  • Adding a substrate
    • if you are isolating bacteria from a plant, soil, snow, or rain sample, click on "Add substrate"
    • fill out the text boxes that apply, and press submit
    • write the number shown in red on the Petri dishes onto which you will plate the bacteria that you are going to isolate from your substrate
    • upload up to three pictures of your substrate (you may need to reduce the image quality before doing that since the maximum allowed file size is 2 MB, however, recommended file size is between 100 and 200 kB)
  • Adding an isolate to a substrate
    • once you see colonies growing on your plate, you can now add the number of colonies and their description to the database by clicking on "Add isolate associated with previously submitted substrate"
    • select the correct substrate based on the number with which you labeled your Petri dish and fill out the relevant text boxes. Text boxes with a red star need to be filled out. Examples of colony descriptions are: liquid, semi-transparent, frizzled edges, clear center, clear edge, reddish, yellowish, white, and any combination of above
    • click "submit" and note the number in red on your plate to which you are transferring a representative of the colonies you described and counted
  • After you sequence one or more loci from your new isolate, you can add the sequence information to it in PAMDB
  • Adding an isolate not associated with a substrate
    • if you already have an isolate in your collection or you obtained an isolate from a culture collection you can add that isolate to PAMDB by clicking on "Add isolate not associated with previously submitted substrate" and filling out all the text boxes to the best of your knowledge
  • Editing isolates and substrates
    • sfter you added isolates and substrates you can always go back to your entries and edit them by choosing an isolate or substrate from the respective pull-down menus and clicking edit