Welcome to PAMDB.org!

Plant Associated and Environmental Microbes Database (PAMDB) is a multilocus sequence typing and analysis (MLST/MLSA) website and database specifically designed for identification of plant associated and environmental microbes and for the study of their epidemiology, population genetics, and molecular evolution. At this time, Pseudomonas syringae, Xanthomonas sp., Ralstonia solanacearum, Acidovorax, and Clavibacter michiganensis are organisms that are supported. Contact us if you are interested in adding additional organisms.

The more users contributing to the database, the more useful it will become for everyone. Please read Help to learn how to submit your data to the database and before start using this website.

At PAMDB you can:

  • Compare DNA sequences from your unknown microbial isolates against isolates in the database to determine their identity based on DNA sequence similarity;
  • Find where in the world isolates similar to yours have been previously isolated;
  • Download DNA sequences from isolates in the database for individual loci or for several concatenated loci;
  • Add substrates to PAMDB (for example: plants, soil, water, snow samples) from which you are going to isolate microbes. Once you have isolated microbes from substrates, you can add these isolates to your substrates including sequence data (see below);
  • Add your isolates to PAMDB including exact location, time and pictures of the plant or environment from which the isolates came from; and
  • Add DNA sequence data to your isolates and then download your sequences together with the sequences of all (or selected) isolates in the database so you can place your isolates on a phylogenetic tree.
Please read our Terms of Use before using the data in this database for your work. In short, please note that every user is responsible for the correctness of all the information submitted to PAMDB. Users of PAMDB need to be aware that information in PAMDB may contain errors. If you become aware of any error in your data or in those of others, notify us!