Plant Associated and Environmental Microbes Database


How to download DNA sequences from PAMDB

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  • Choose your organisms of choice at login
  • Click on "View alleles" to view and download allele sequences (individual sequences or concatenated sequences) for chosen loci from chosen isolates.
  • The sequences will be downloaded in fasta format. That means that each sequence has a header preceded by a ">". The header contains information of that sequence: genus initial, species name, pathovar or subspecies name, strain name, and loci names.
  • The sequences will appear in a new window and you will need to copy and paste them into a text file or DNA sequence editor.
  • You can either download sequences for each chosen isolate even if several of the isolates have identical sequences in all loci or you can download each sequence only once. In this case, the header of each sequence will list all the isolates that have that sequence.
  • Once you downloaded and saved your sequences, you can use them for further analysis, for example, to build a phylogenetic tree.